Halloween Acrostic Poems

Halloween or All Saints Evening
Always a lot of parties
Lots of masks
Lovely monsters
On the table pumpkins
White ghosts
Evening of zombies
Eek, a spider web
Night of witches
                                               Benjamim Indem (CEF TA)

Hello Halloween
Always pumpkins
Lamps and bats
Lots of ghosts
October, on the 31st
Witches and spider webs
Evening gremlins
Eyes balls and skeletons
Night of parties
                                                   Cleider Cardoso e Tiago Tavares (CEF TA)
Halloween isn’t  a frightening festival
A funny one it is
Love is not in the air
Lives at home
On the table
Well that’s the traditional story
Evening monsters
Night full of ghosts
                                                         Jeremias Moniz (CEF TA)
Always lots of parties
Lots of trick or treat
Lovely masks
Original pumpkins
Witches and Ghosts
Eye balls
Everyone gives sweets
Not everyone goes to parties

                                                          Manuel Kizonga e Paulo Rodrigues (CEF TA)
Hallow evening
Always funny
Lamps and ghosts
Ladies pumpkins
Original Draculas
Watch zombies
Evening of witches
Eleven eye balls and a
Number of brooms
                                                                 Miriam Bernardo (CEF TA)
Houses decorated
Always nice and
Lovely costumes
Lamps and pumpkins
Opened and original
Witches and vampires
Evening of saints
Eye balls, graves
Noses and zombies                                            
                                                                         Sirem Mané (CEF TA)


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