Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the United States of America.

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is a holiday that Americans spend together with their families who enjoy a Thanksgiving meal which usually includes the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.

Many families begin Thanksgiving by attending church prayer services in the morning.

Prayers are also said before Thanksgiving meals.



Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

The common traditional Thanksgiving dinner consists of turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and fall vegetables. Pumpkin pie     and apple pie seem to be the most popular choice for dessert.

Parades and American football

 American football  is one of the many traditions in American culture that is associated with Thanksgiving day.

In this day big parades  are also held:



Thanksgiving is a celebration that is portrayed in many films. Watch this scene from the film ‘Blind Side’.


But when and why did this celebration begin? Watch this video about the story of Thanksgiving and find out:


Thanksgiving is therefore a season to give thanks.

Read some of the things your schoolmates said when we asked them this question:

‘What are you thankful for?’

‘I’m thankful for my great marks at school’ Beatriz Cabral, 8º5

‘I’m thankful for having a great family and great friends that support me no matter what happens.’

Carolina Galvão, 8º 5

‘I’m thankful for having food.’ David Rosa, 8º 5

‘I’m thankful for having a house that I like.’ Gonçalo Cândido, 8º 5

‘I’m thankful for being at school.’ Maria Inês Fraga, 8º5

‘I’m thankful for having two great parents.’ Martim Machado, 8º 5

‘I’m thankful for having excellent teachers that believe in me, support me in everything I do, give me the chance to try new things and help me be successful.’ Renata Gaspar, 8º 5

‘I’m thankful for God. He’s such an important Person in my life, I wanna thank God for blessing me and for blessing Justin Bieber; I wanna thank God for being there when I need Him; I wanna thank God for everything he has been doing with my life.’ Ana Patrícia Lopes, 8º3

‘I’m thankful for having been born’ Carlos Nunes, 8º 3

‘I’m very thankful for being a healthy person’ Daniel Narciso, 8º 3

‘I’m thankful for the amount of clothes that I can give to the needy, because it means I have a lot of clothes to wear.’ Diogo Alcaide, 8º3

‘I’m thankful for the fact that I can have that I want (happiness and material goods)’ Inês Pereira, 8º3

‘I’m thankful for having a good family and true friends.’ Joana Henriques, 8º3

‘I’m thankful for never being hungry’ João Coelho, 8º 3

‘I am thankful for being able to attend school’ Mariana Rodrigues, 8º3


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