Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas is around the corner. It’s a holiday season that most people enjoy: it’s all about family and love.

There are of course a lot of good food too. If you want to try something different this season, have a look here:Festival holidays party recipes’

One week later comes the New Year festival, which has been celebrated for thousands of years, from the ancient Egyptians to our days. At this time lots of people make resolutions: New Year’s Resolutions, which is all about making positive things.

Students from year 8, classes 3 and 5 have made some New Year’s Resolutions too. Here are some of them:

‘I’m going to have the best summer holidays ever’ – Beatriz Oliveira, 8º3

‘I’m going to study harder’ – João Coelho, 8º3

‘I’m going to meet Justin Beeber’ – Ana Paprícia Lopes, 8º3

‘I’m going to travel more often’ – David Mendes, 8º3

‘I’m going to help my parents more often’- Inês Pereira, 8º3

‘I’m going to do sports with my friends’ – Joana Henriques, 8º3

‘I’m going to do better in Maths and French’ – Joceline Vaz, 8º3

‘I’m going to spend more time with my family’ – Diogo Alcaide, 8º3

‘I’m going to Madrid to meet Fábio Coentrão’ – Mariana Rodrigues, 8º3

‘Im going to sleep more’ – Ana Tavares, 8º3

‘ I’m going to help my friends and other people’ – Andreia Neto, 8º5

‘I’m going to pay more attention in class’– Maria Pires, 8º5

‘I’m going to rest more and relax more’ – David Rosa, 8º5

‘I’m going to seize every moment when I’m with my family and friends’ – Mafalda Simões, 8º5

‘I’m going to be more organized‘ – Tiago Rodrigues, 8º5

‘I’m going to walk my dog more often’ – Rodrigo Nogueira, 8º5

‘I’m going to get a new haircut’– Gonçalo Cândido

‘I’m going to fight for my dreams’ – Leonor Machado, 8º5

‘I’m going to be nicer to my friends and to other people’ – Carolina Galvão, 8º5

‘I’m going to listen to more music’ – Beatriz Cabral, 8º5

‘I’m going to shop for more clothes’ – Renata Gaspar, 8º5

And these are the resolutions of adult students from EFA BC class:

‘I’m going to build my own house‘ – António Mam

‘I’m going to bring my daughters to Portugal’ – Ivanilda Silva

‘I’m going to spend my time  with my children‘ – Armindo Gouveia

‘I’m going to help my mother get better’ – Sara Silva

‘I’m going to play football for a different team’ – Jaquilino Moreno

‘I’m going to live in my own house’ – Dioclides Bonfim

‘I’m going to get married’ – Judite Fuxi

‘I’m going to offer my parents aeroplane tickets so that they can come and visit in Portugal’ – Daniela Augusto

‘I’m going to live in another country’ – Verónica Cardoso

‘I’m going to keep on studying’ – Emília Carvalho

‘I’m going to work in England’ – Alfa Sidibé

‘I’m going to find a better job’ – Lúcia Candinha

‘I’m going to have a car’ – Aqulino Furtado

‘I’m going to give more attention to my family’ – Sara Teles


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