My favourite national dish is ‘Bacalhau com Natas’ (Cod with cream). I usually eat this dish in winter, my family and I cook it at home. This dish has got cream, potatoes, onions, olive oil, pepper, olives, and occasionally we put grated cheese. It takes a long time to fry the potatoes but never mind, I like it very much.  

Rafaela Dias, 8º1


My favourite national dish is ‘Caldeirada’ (“fish stew”).  I eat for it lunch or dinner in a restaurant . This dish has got  different types of fish, potatoes, peppers and tomato. To make it tasty, we use olive oil, salt, coriander and  pepper. It’s delicious!

Melanie Soares, 8º1 


 I eat it whenever I go to my grandparents’.

 This dish has lamb, rice, roasted potatoes.

 To make it tasty we use garlic, onion, bay leaf, parsley, white wine, olive oil and slices of bacon.

Luis Santos, 8º1


My favourite national food is a dessert “ Arroz doce” (sweet rice ).I usually eat this

when my grandmother cooks for parties. This dessert has got rice, milk, sugar,

lemon zest, a cinnamon stick and some eggs. It´s a delicious dessert and sometimes

I’m sad because I don`t have it everyday.  

Ricardo Albuquerque, 8º 1


My favorite food is ‘Empadão de carne’, which I rarely eat.

The ingredients are: milk, mashed potatoes, minced meat, one egg yolk, salt and margarine.

It’s so delicious!

Mariana Rodrigues, 8º 3


My favorite national dish is “Canja “( chicken soup) . I eat Canja many times,at home and  in restaurants. There are different ways of doing it: with rice,water, olive oil, eggs , laurel, salt and of course chicken.

Another way to do it is:with pasta and all the other ingredients. Canja is my favorite dish because it is delicious. 

Inês Pereira, 8º 3


My favourite national dish is “ Feijoada”

(Beanfood). I eat it rarely, and only when

I go out for lunch or dinner in a

restaurant or I eat at my grandparents’.

This dish has got different kinds of meat,

beans and rice. To make this dish, we use

sauce, cabbages,chorizo, bacon,carrots,

among others. I think it`s very tasty, but

after this meal we feel heavy and sleepy.

Diogo Alcaide, 8º3


My favourite national dish is “Cozido à Portuguesa”

(Boiled meat and cabbages).I eat it sometimes especially at 

lunch in winter.This dish has got beef, pork, and chicken, a lot of

types of sausage, cabbage, carrots, rice and baked potatoes.

It’s very good.

Daniel Narciso, 8º 3


My favourite national dish is “Alheira de Mirandela” (Mirandela

Sausage), I eat it quite often, at home. My mother cooks it very well, so it

is delicious. The ingredients are pork meat and fat, poultry, bread, olive

oil, lard, garlic and paprika.

I eat it with chips, fried egg, carrots, rice and salad. This dish is really delicious.

Beatriz Cabral, 8º5


My favourite national dish is “Leitão à Bairrada”. It’s made with piglet and it’s usually servewith chips and 

oranges. It’s roasted on a spit for about 2 hours. I usually eat it when I go to Coimbra, in a place called “Rui dos Leitões”. This restaurant is very good and I love to eat there.

Carolina Galvão, 8º5


My favourite National Dish is “Caldo de   Beldroegas”(purslane soup) because It is made by my beloved great-grandmother Emilia fromAlentejo and it is delicious !

This dish has a green grass called beldruegas, fresh cheese (my favourite ingredient ) , codfish , potatoes , olive oil , eggs and garlic. All these ingredients are cooked  together in a pan and served hot with fresh bread .

 David Rosa, 8º5


My favorite national dish is “Arroz de Cabidela” (giblets rice). I eat it when my father does it at home and

sometimes when I go out for lunch or dinner. This dish has got rice, chicken

blood or blood from other animals, onion, vinegar, giblets (chicken, rabbit,

…). I don’t think this dish is delicious; I think it’s better than that: awesome, phenomenal.

Rodrigo Nogueira, 8º5


What about you? What’s your favourite national dish?