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Direitos humanos



 Human rights are rights that belong to everybody whatever the differences. The first right is ‘We are all born free and equal’ the last right is ‘No one can take away our rights’.

 There are thirty human rights.  The document that puts to print these rights is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document was adopted by the United Nations in 1948.

 This document is important because it protects basic human dignity and freedoms. It helps us know our rights and duties. It’s important to know about it because there are still many human rights that are not respected by some people, governments…

 To help human rights we can talk to people about them and we should protect these rights and freedoms. We shouldn’t discriminate if we don’t want to be discriminated.

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Human Rights are rights that all people should have, but some haven’t yet. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights emerged after the Second World War with the need to put to print everyone’s rights.

50 years later, however, there are rights very far away from being respected, like equality between men and women. Although Europe is near to be the example, in Portugal many women are still victims of discrimination.

According to Portuguese law, there are quotas for women to sit in Parliament.  We are against it, because we think that women should be admitted because they are competent, and not because they are women. In private enterprises, it is more difficult to get to the top if you are a woman because employers prefer men to avoid maternity leaves and everything that comes with having children. 

Situations like these must be corrected in order to give equal opportunities to everyone. It is our duty to work so that the next generations may not have to deal with this problem.

Ana Teresa Curva

                                                                                                                Francisco Martins

Luís Guerreiro

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created by the UN. Human rights are everyone’s rights. Unfortunately, some human rights are not being respected, either in our society, or other societies, for example: Human Right 2, ‘Don’t discriminate’; number 16, ‘Marriage and Family’, and 19, ‘Freedom of expression’.

In our society there is still much racial discrimination. Sometimes, when people from different races get married, they are discriminated by family or friends. There is sexual discrimination, too. For example, it is harder for a woman than for a man to get a job.

“We all have the right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people” (Human right number 19). Today, we can express ourselves freely in our society, but some people still try to use censorship.

“We all have the right to a good life”(Human right number 25). For that to happen we must be aware of right number 29: “ We have a duty to other people, and we should protect their rights and freedoms”.

 Inês Sequeira

Deolinda Curva

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created by the UN and put to print in 1948, after the Second World War. It is a very important document for everyone because it states that we can live in harmony and without wars. However, there are many people that don’t respect it.

In The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are a few rights that for us are especially important:

Human Right 1- ”We are all born free and equal”. This right is very important because it includes in itself some other rights, like ‘Don’t discriminate (Human right 2), ‘The right to life’ (Human right 3),‘No slavery’ (Human right 4).

Also very important to us is Human right 21 ‘The right to democracy’. We have the right to chose the president and government of our country. This right also includes other rights like ‘Freedom of expression’ (Human right 19). There are many powerful people, politicians, for example, that don’t think freedom of expression that convenient.

Finally, Human right 29, which for us is one of the most important: we have the responsibility to protect the rights of other people, just as we protect ours. Our freedom stops when other people’s freedoms begin.

Vanessa Araújo

Gonçalo Guerra

All human rights are important, but some are especially important to us.

Freedom is the basis of all human rights: ‘We are all born free and equal’ (Human right 1), and ‘Don’t discriminate (Human right 2).

All people should have responsibility and respect others. We all should have freedom of expression and we must listen to what other people have to say and accept them as they are.

All children should have the right to an education, to grow and learn to live peacefully in a community.

All people should have food and accommodation. Unfortunately there is still much poverty in the world.

The Declaration of Human Rights exists for more than 60 years. Still, many people, and governments don’t respect it.

Tânia Ribeiro

Mário Pimenta

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Carla Lima, about Human Right 16

Everybody has the right to have a family if they want to. Everybody has the right to be happy; to love and be loved; to be a husband or a wife; to be a father or a mother.

Adelino Viegas, about Human Rights 7 and 11

 All people should have the right to a good lawyer to represent them in court. The law is the same to everyone, but without a good lawyer, we can’t prove our innocence.

Filomena Dias, about Human Right 23

 We have the right to a fair salary, to rest one day a week and to enjoy paid holidays. We have the right to be with our family, so we shouldn’t have to work more than 8 hours a day. We should feel safe at work. Men and women should have the same rights.

Madalena Gonçalves, about Human Right 29

 We have to be responsible. We have to know our rights and our duties. We have to respect other people’s rights.

Celestina Fernandes, about Human Rights 2 and 9

 I know a young man that was put in prison based on a physical description. I think this happened because he was black. There is still a lot of discrimination in our society.

Augusta Monteiro, about Human Right 19

 In a country where there is war or corruption  there isn’t security; without security ,there is fear; with fear we can’t express freely and this right is fundamental for a country.

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*In class, students read and analysed the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Abridged for Youth’- Youth for Human Rights International.

You can find it here: