My school:D!!

 My School

 In my school there are five buildings: A, B, C, D and E. In building A there is the school office, the library and the headmaster’s room. In building B there are eleven classrooms. In building C there are ten classrooms. In building D there is the students’ room, the stationer’s, the bar and the gymnasium. In building E there are only four classrooms. There is a large playground. There are toilets in all the buildings.

  Carolina Galvão   Nº5    ANO/TURMA-6º5ª                                                   


My School

Hi! I’m Renata. I’m going to tell you about my school. It’s a very good place to play and study. In my school there are five buildings with two floors. Building D is the gymnasium. In building A, downstairs, there are the teachers’ room and the school office and, upstairs, there are the library and the headmaster’s room. In buildings B, C and E there are many classrooms. The large playground is around these buildings. There are many trees.

    Come and see…

Renata Malveiro Gaspar  Nº20  Ano/Turma: 6º5ª


My School

There are five buildings in my school. There is a library, a bar, many classrooms, a stationer´s, a teachers´ room, a school office, a students´ room, some toilets, the headmaster´s room and a nice playground with many trees around.

My school is very big. We like our school very much.

Beatriz Cabral nº3, Mafalda Simões nº 14, 6º5ª